How to make your next patio party fabulous!

summer patio party ideasSummer is almost upon us! In fact, in some areas of the country, it feels like it’s already here. With summer comes patio parties, and nothing completes a patio party like a hot tub.

No matter what the temperature is, nothing beats a summer night in the hot tub with friends. Here are some ways to make your patio parties the talk of the town, or at least your friends.


Why do we attend summer parties? To spend time with our friends, of course… and to eat great food! Good food can make a great party a memorable one. Start with the basics by looking up some fun summer party recipes.

The pressure doesn’t have to be on you for amazing food, get your guests involved. Summer pot lucks are a great way to include your friends in the party-planning process, while saving yourself a lot of cooking. Bringing your own unique recipe to a party always gets people excited.


While you don’t need to put on a play to keep your guests entertained, having a focal point of the party can entice more guests and get them excited. The NHL playoffs are on right now. Why not have your friends over to watch the big game? You and your friends can keep track of the playoffs as they unfold by downloading and using this NHL playoff bracket (PDF). While you’re at it, show your love for your team with hockey team hot tub covers.

nhl playoff bracket chart 2013


The atmosphere of your patio dictates how your guests will feel during your party. Consider what kind of party this is before putting effort into creating a certain feeling. Ask yourself:

  • Is this a small get-together for dinner and drinks?

  • Will a large group of rowdy friends be there?

  • Are you watching the game or a movie?

Once you have an idea for what kind of party this will be, you can focus on creating an atmosphere. Decor will make all the difference when setting a tone. A few candles can create a relaxed mood, perfect for chatting in the hot tub with some close friends. A big screen TV and a make-shift bar can create a sports-bar feeling, perfect for the playoffs.

Music also helps to create a certain atmosphere. If you haven’t already, invest in a mobile, iPod-compatible stereo that you can move throughout your patio. Place speakers throughout your patio so you don’t have to worry about volume.

Summer is a time to let loose, relax and catch up with old friends. A summer party creates the perfect place to do this. Make your next summer party one to remember.

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