Festively Decorating Your Hot Tub

hot tub lights red christmasThanks to the magic of underwater lights, hot tub and spa owners can take control of their backyard atmosphere.  Gone are the days of plain, white light.  Instead, homeowners can craft custom light shows or pick seasonal colours to create a unique oasis.

One of the Hot Tub Covers Canada team members attended a Halloween hot tub party, and the home owners had created spooktacular effects with their underwater lighting and patio décor.

Seeing as it has been a mild winter across Canada (at least so far!), modifying your hot tub lights could be a great way to tie in your other outdoor and indoor lights this Christmas.  You could do pure red, or if you have fountains, perhaps highlight the steams in green.

If you are decorating your hot tub water for the festive season, we would love to see pictures.  A little inspiration goes a long way in creating welcoming, festive outdoor spaces.




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