Hot Tubs – a better foreign aid policy?

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Does it seem to you that the world is getting more violent of late?  Do people seem more aggressive?  Across the Middle East, bloodshed in Egypt.  Bloodshed in Tunisia.  Bloodshed in Libya.  And more on the way, perhaps?

Closer to home, look at the tone of politics in the USA.  In Wisconsin.  In Arizona.  In online forums.  People certainly sound more aggressive, even more hateful.

What the world could use is a nice, big hot tub. Let’s face it, there is no way you can feel aggressive in the soothing bubbles and relaxing warmth of a hot tub.

The Naked Law blog chronicled the stresses found in the 7 Most Dangerous Countries, as ranked by the Global Peace Index (GPI), where violence and aggression rules.

” The GPI ranks countries according to factors such as internal and external conflicts, political instability, relations with neighbouring countries, potential for terrorist acts, level of violent crime, and number of homicides.”

What they need are hot tubs.  That will get them to cool their engines, warm their toes and stop fighting one another.  In fact, perhaps our foreign aid policy should be geared toward sending hot tubs to countries overrun by violence.  After all, when people stop fighting, they can start building homes, growing food, keeping clean and taking better care of themselves.

Here is the list of countries that most need a hot tub

  1. Iraq
  2. Somalia
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Sudan
  5. Pakistan
  6. Israel
  7. Russia

Thank goodness Canada and the USA are not on this list of aggression and violence, but then again, you would not expect us to be…we have a much better supply of hot tubs, complete with hot tub covers and rubber duckies.

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