Do hot tubs help sell homes faster?

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Over the years, the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada has seen a fundamental shift in the mindset about hot tubs. When we first started selling hot tub covers and spa accessories, backyard leisure products were still receiving cool to warm receptions by the mass majority. After all, did a homeowner really need a backyard pool or hot tub? Would it not be more affordable to get a community centre or gym membership instead?

Fast forward to 2019 and times have changed. Thanks to continual advances in technology, innovative solutions have made hot tub ownership that much easier. From 24/7 monitoring, to saltwater chlorination, to apps for those on-the-go (heat up the tub before you walk through the front door!), hot tubs have become an essential tool in helping stressed out citizens embrace the self care movement.

Do hot tubs help sell homes faster_Having said all that, what happens to the hot tub when you decide to move? This question was the foundation of a lunch time conversation at our office this week. Ultimately, we asked ourselves – can a hot tub help sell a home faster? We asked the real estate agent who will be listing the house in question for her opinion. We thought it was such a great answer, it was worth sharing with our audience.

“While it is true that kitchens often ‘sell homes’, so too can be inclusion of luxury or leisure products. If your home is located in an upscale neighbourhood, clients will often compare features from one property to answer. In this case, an in-ground swimming pool or hot tub could be very desirable.”

What happens if your home is in a sought-after community, perhaps one that clearly caters to young families?

“Homes in family-centric areas often sell quickly if they boast highly sought after amenities. Swimming pools continue to generate interest, as do homes with swim spas and hot tubs. It is also important to keep in mind that not every home owner will be seeking a backyard perk! In some cases, concerns around water safety or the cost of maintenance will be a deal breaker.”

Last but certainly not least is this key reminder: “While there is no guarantee your home will sell faster thanks to a hot tub, a well-maintained home, yard and spa could set you apart from other sellers in the neighbourhood. If your hot tub is an eyesore, or worse, needs extensive repairs, you may end up paying to have the tub removed.”

So what did the Hot Tub Covers Canada team learn this week? Proper maintenance (and perhaps a replacement hot tub cover) can help keep your investment looking great during a sale. While it may not speed up the selling process, it may entice the next homeowners to recognize the benefits of backyard “leisure”!


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