Automated Hot Tub Water Treatments

More and more spa owners are turning to automated hot tub water treatments to better facilitate regular maintenance requirements.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.44.23 PMGone are the days of being burdened by finding ‘the right balance’ or ‘learning how to dose’. Thanks to modern technological advancements, hot tubs can come equipped with a built-in automated generator or existing hot tub owners can convert to a saltwater chlorine generator. These marvels are designed to save homeowners both time and money, by reducing the need to purchase large volumes of chemicals and automating the salt-to-chlorine generation process. Simple displays and controls give peace of mind that the units are operational and quick dip-stick tests confirm the water quality levels.

If you are ready to Reduce, Reuse and Relax, we urge you to visit the Hot Tub Covers Canada website or our sister site, Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion, to discover how automated hot tub water treatments can help you say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to soothing, salt generated chlorine.


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