Life in Gadaffi’s Hot Tub

Intoxicated squatters calling themselves “Topple the Tyrants” appear to be enjoying the hot tub, as well as other amenities to be found in the Georgian-style mansion of Colonel Muammar Gadaffi’s son, Saif al-Islam.  I guess we all need to protest dictatorship in our own way – and this certainly looks like a…umm…unique way to do that.

Libyan rebels of the Gaddafi regime reportedly took over the Hampstead, North London, mansion last week, renaming it ‘the Embassy of Rebel Libya’. Valued at $16 million, this would be a valuable Rebel Libya asset.

The group posed for this photo, with the Libyan flag, inside the luxury home (presumably before dipping in the hot tub).

London Police said they are monitoring the situation treating the occupation “as a civil matter.”  However, if Saif al-Islam manages to track down the “Topple the Tyrants” occupiers, rumor has it that he might not be quite as gentle.

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