Rent Your Very Own Hot Tub

Have you always wanted to have your very own hot tub but have never been able to? Never fear, the good news is that now you can rent one!

If you can’t afford to purchase a hot tub of your own, or you don’t have a back yard or a deck to put a hot tub on, you can still enjoy a private soak in a hot tub by renting one.

Businesses have been popping up around the world that allow you to rent out a hot tub for your own private enjoyment. Some allow you to book a time and come to their facilities to enjoy your soak, while others will deliver the hot tub right to your door! A company in the UK has begun delivering hot tubs to would-be bathers to allow them to enjoy having their own hot tub for a day, a weekend or even a whole week.

The hot tubs are warmed by a wood fire, and all that the customers need to supply is a water source. The company, called Bathing Under the Sky, provides everything else, including firewood, cleaning of the hot tub, and even candles for a romantic atmosphere!

If having a hot tub come to you is not your cup of tea, several companies provide the option of allowing you to rent out a hot tub at a different location. One spa in Cambridge, MA allows you to book a private hot tub at an hourly or semi-hourly rate. The spa provides towels, robes, and even an ipod dock so you can play your favourite tunes. All you have to do is show up and relax!

While nothing can beat the convenience and luxury of owning your very own hot tub, for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to own one, renting provides an opportunity to enjoy some of the many benefits of relaxing in a hot tub. Whether you enjoy it by the hour or by the week, now anyone with a bit of time and money to spare can relax in private hot tub!

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