It’s Cold Outside – Winter Hot Tubbing

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A Hot Tub Covers Canada customer recently shared her favourite winter escape on our page, and it made us smile.

“After a long drive home in terrible conditions, I quickly shovelled a path to my hot tub, cleared off my cover, put a towel on my warmer, and escaped to the bubbling water.” 

winter hot tubbingSusan’s experience tends to match that of other Canadian hot tub owners. After a long day at work, followed by a harrowing homebound commute, there is something magical about settling into a hot tub or spa for a stress-busting soak.  If you are new to hot tub ownership, and have not yet tried a winter soak, you are about to experience the magic of hydrotherapy.  Embrace the cold air and hot water, and watch all your troubles, aches and pains melt away.  If only we could get rid of snow this easily!

Do you use your hot tub during the winter months?  Share your rituals or relaxation tips, and we will include in an upcoming Under Cover Press blog post.

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