Not Your Childhood Tree House

uk treehouse with hot tubWe can all remember building outdoor adventure houses in our backyards as kids. A hub for playing cards, spying on your neighbors, and the best location for a great game of hide and seek. Yes, a tree house made your backyard the coolest spot in town!

 As adults, perhaps we forget how fun, adventurous, and playful a tree house can be. For Chris Whalley, this is not the case.

Whalley, a British man with a wife and six children, recently designed and executed the most luxurious tree house around. His tree house took seven months to make, and contains running water, heat, a 60 inch plasma TV, and a hot tub.

The magical space house has been the focus of international attention, with tourists from as far as Australia already booking tours of the luxury tree house.

The hot tub is located at the base of the tree house, welcoming guests to the warm, luxury retreat. The entire project cost Whalley over 60 000 pounds. To see pictures of this unique backyard addition, click here.

We just have one question for Mr. Whalley: Do the tourists get to enjoy the Jacuzzi?

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