Hot Tub Covers Lifters On Special

Summer is winding down…

hot tub cover lifterFor many homeowners, once the Labour Day long weekend has come and gone, fall projects get brought to the forefront. Swimming pool owners prepare for the seasonal closure. Hot tub and spa owners take time to inspect their hot tub cabinet and accessories for wear and tear.

If nothing else, it seems like the few final weeks of summer are dedicated to preparing for fall and winter. And in all fairness, it’s the perfect time to tackle projects. The weather is still mild enough to keep your hands warm – which proves valuable for installing new accessories, cleaning a filter or doing a full water drain and refill.

Which is why the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada has decided to offer a fall special on hot tub cover lifters. Because really, why wait for the snow to fly when you could install a hot tub cover lifter on a beautiful fall day.

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