Hot Tub Cover Cap

The Cover Cap: The easiest way to protect your hot tub cover from the Canadian elements!

hot tub covers canada cover capHot Tub Covers Canada proudly offers the Cover Cap. Manufactured from high quality and durable woven polyethylene, a cover cap acts as a guard for your hot tub cover. During the winter months, the cover cap provides protection from the harsh elements including freezing rain and snow. It also can protect your cover from a well-meaning but dreaded “shovel” incident. Come the summer, a cover cap can protect your hot tub cover from the sun’s rays and premature fading. When used year-round, a cover cap can help reduce heat loss from the centre fold – especially when used on an aging cover.

Hot Tub Covers Canada currently custom-manufactures Cover Caps in all shapes and sizes. Available colours as of January 2017 are Silver and Black. In the event you require a Cover Cap in excess of 96″, please Contact Us

To order your Cover Cap, visit Hot Tub Covers Canada today!


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