Skip the Shovel, Use a Broom

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winter snow hot tub cover broom shovelWe understand.  Your regular commute of 45 minutes turned into a 3 hour nightmare.  The snow kept falling and you had to dodge other vehicles.  You finally arrive home and just want to jump into your hot tub.  Unfortunately, it is covered in 50 centimetres of the white stuff.  What to do, what to do…

Skip the Shovel, Use a Broom

When it comes to winter hot tubbing, there is one piece of “equipment” you can’t live without.  A high quality, soft bristle push broom.

By clearing your hot tub cover with a broom, you dramatically reduce the risk of irreparable damage to the vinyl.  Shovels, even plastic models, often have very sharp edges which can result in unwanted nicks, rips or cuts.

So, no matter how bad your day, the drive home or the volume of snow.  Remember this one simple rule for clearing your hot tub cover of snow: Skip the Shovel, Use a Broom! 

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