How to stay healthy this winter

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We all know how easily germs can spread in the winter. But did you know that hot tubs and spas can actually make things worse? Think about it, multiple people sitting in a hot bath of water. It’s not wonder illness travels quickly this time of year.

There are ways that you can prevent the spread of germs in your hot tub, and keep yourself healthy this winter.

Keep it clean

Before you get in your hot tub, take a shower. This rids your body of extra dead skin (ew!) and other germs that may be sitting on your skin. The fewer germs that enter your hot tub, the fewer there will be to spread.

healthy hot tubsAlthough you may not be able to make sure others do the same, you can make sure to clean your filters and treat your hot tub after having others in it. This may require more work, but it can help ensure that you and your guests stay healthy. .

Do the laundry

After every hot tub dip, wash your bathing suits and towels. Any germs that may have found their way into your hot tub will not travel fast outside of it this way.

If you’re sick, stay out

Make it a rule that no one who is sick can enter the hot tub. Yes, it’s harsh. But if one person is sick, anyone else in the hot tub at the same time will likely get sick too.

We can’t prevent the spread of germs, but we can make things tough for them. You have to do whatever you can to stay healthy this season. Keeping your hot tub safe is one way to do so.

What are your germ-preventing tips?

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