How to Store Your Pool Solar Cover

Summers come and go far too quickly in Canada. Before we know it, warm summer breeze is replaced with crisp winter gusts, and it’s time to bid farewell to another summer. Preparing your pool for a Canadian winter is a time-consuming task.  Luckily, preparing your pool cover for winter storage is less daunting, and can be accomplished in a few easy steps.


Proper Cleaning:

storing pool cover for winterStart this process early in the day so your custom pool cover has time to fully dry. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your pool cover is ready for removal, and set for winter storage:

  • After carefully removing the cover, bring it to a large, slanted space where you can let the excess water drain. A driveway often does the trick.
  • Remove any debris and dirt from the cover. Once you have swept and removed all of the debris, hose off the entire cover.  Sometimes, the manufacturer will recommend a mild detergent.
  • Repeat this process on both sides of the cover.
  • If mold of mildew has formed, just use a high power hose on the area with half bleach, half water mixture.
  • Make sure it has fully dried. A wet cover can create mold or mildew while in storage.

The Folding Process:

Now that your cover is squeaky clean, it’s time to tackle the folding process. Covers are large, so folding it properly is important for maximizing storage. The best way to fold your pool cover is with accordion folds or fan folds. Once you have completed the fan fold, roll your cover and secure it with a tie (rope, twine, bungee cord) to prevent it from unraveling in storage.


Always be sure to have your pool cover in a durable storage container. Large Tupperware bins are ideal, as they keep your pool cover safe and dry, even if it’s stored outdoors. Once you’ve stored your pool cover, it’s time to pest-proof! If your shed has been known to house a couple of pesky rodents, consider storing your pool cover with moth balls to keep them away.

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10 years ago

This is really very useful post. This will make pool cover storing safe and very easy. Thank you for this post.

10 years ago

Very useful post shared here with us. Sometimes it is very difficult to store the covers safely, but this post will help a lot.

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