Exercising in the Hot Tub

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While most use their hot tub or spa as a way to kick back and relax, others use it as a means to stay in shape and recover from injury. Which is why we asked the team at Hot Tub Covers Canada to share some of their favourite exercises that can be performed in a hot tub.

⦿ Leg lifts

⦿ Arm swings

⦿ Neck rotations

⦿ Waist twists

⦿ Squats

⦿ Lunges

⦿ High knees

⦿ Treading water

⦿ Ankle rotations

⦿ Point & Flex Work

Whether you don’t have time to hit the gym, are recovering from an injury, or want to make the most of your hot tub time, your hot tub can play an essential role in your wellbeing. Be sure to explore the Under Cover Press for more health and wellness ideas.

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