Swim Spas

Swim SpasFrom growing families to elite athletes, pool and spa companies are seeing increased demand for swim spas.  Also known as spool pools, the swim spa is an innovative blend of pool and hot tub.

Equipped with jets, swim spas are able to create a strong, resistant swim current.  Upgraded models can even include jets to target the legs and abductor muscles, which help individuals complete water jogging or gentle resistance exercises.  Swim spas also feature full body hydrotherapy seats, allowing owners to benefit from aquatic therapy.

Thanks to a unique footprint, swim spas can be installed in small backyards, solariums, and basements.  Averaging 6 to 8 feet in width, and 10 to 19 feet in length, the freestanding design makes for an attractive and affordable alternative to the traditional pool.

The versatility of the pool and spa combination lends itself perfectly to cost-savings.  Warm up the swim spa for an evening soak, then drop the temperature for a morning swim.  The smaller body of water handles the temperature changes with ease, and helps keep energy consumption at a minimum.

An unsung benefit to the swim spa is the reduction in chemical usage.  Unlike a traditional swimming pool, this miniature version is easier to keep clean and does not utilize large quantities of chemicals.  In fact, several manufacturers are now offering self-cleaning swim spas, with added features including ultraviolet disinfection.

Swim spas are changing the landscape of the pool and spa market.  Homeowners, fitness centres and rehabilitation facilities are touting the advantages swim spas.  Gone are the days when you needed to sacrifice your backyard for a pool or patio space for a hot tub.  The design and installation options are limitless to ensure both athletic and relaxation needs are met.

If you are considering a pool or hot tub installation in 2014, be sure to explore the swim spa.  You may find yourself surprised at the sizable benefits in these diminutive tubs.

Swim Spas

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