Now Your Hot Tub is as Mobile As You Are!

You may have heard of “glamping”, the glamorous way of enjoying camping without the nuisance and discomfort of traditional camping gear. Glamping often involves ritzy accommodations, such as the outdoor equivalent of room service, and tents that resemble a small suburban starter home more than a traditional outdoor tent. Glamping is gaining popularity around Canada, but we argue that glamping has not seen its full potential; until now.

Say hello to the Dutch Tub; a wood burning portable spa that is a product of the Netherlands, and has been designed to seat 4 adults comfortably. The Dutch Tub would be an ideal addition to any glamping trip, with 800 L of water that is quickly warmed by natural fire. This special tub is also completely energy independent, and requires no plugging in. Firewood is placed in a coil on the side that naturally circulates and heats the water in the tub. The portable tub is made of glass fiber polyester, and is light weight enough to easily transport by car, or canoe! The gigantic bowl-like design is sure to be a luxurious addition to any camping trip, and is an easy way to propel glamping to an unparalleled level of relaxation and luxury.

When we think of hot tubs, we usually think of exceptional backyard accessories that stay- well- in the back yard. But, what if you want to experience the calming effects of hot tubs wherever your life takes you, the Dutch Tub is the ideal choice. So while you are soaking up the beautiful view of a Canadian sun set during your next glamping trip, why not soak yourself in a warm, natural, outdoor Dutch Tub?

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