Hippo’s Like Hot Tubs Too!

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Animals at the London Zoo are treated to all the luxuries that make a frigid British winter bearable. Meerkats get to bask in the warmth of heat lamps scattered throughout their cage, while hippos get . . a hot tub!

The two hippos at the London Zoo are originally from Africa, so it only seemed fitting that they get special accommodations to help them adjust to a harsh London winter! With “Thug” and “Nicola” having extremely fragile skin, it is important that the hippos have access to warm and soothing water during the winter months in order to prevent skin cracking.

Despite their cute and cuddly appearance, hippos are the animal responsible for the most human kills in Africa while defending their territory, so we don’t suggest hopping in this particular hot tub!

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12 years ago

Great Blog, Love the article on hot tubs around the world

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