Hot Tub Party in My Room!

Why meet fellow students in classes or the cafeteria, when you could install a hot tub in your dorm room and attract new friends and acquaintances that way?

Ohio University student Kevin Lenahan thought that would be a great idea, and installed a spa in his room. He frequently leaves the door open and people he doesn’t always know often pop by to use it.

“As a matter of fact on the weekends, it’s so convenient for me. I just leave the door open and people I’ve never met before come wandering on in, and that’s how I meet people. It’s been very convenient in that regard,” Lenahan was quoted as saying to KCTV 5 News in Kansas City.

The University has asked him to remove it, citing several concerns, but Lenahan says he’ll fight the order since he hasn’t broken any current rules.

Interestingly, the University of Ohio isn’t the first postsecondary institution to discover a surprise spa. At the University of Michigan, it’s a mystery as to who installed a hot tub from one of their building’s roofs, and then removed it two days later just as quietly. The suspected culprits are what spokesman Steven Crang said are likely “creative” students. Read the full story here »

Hot tubs sure sound like a good way to make new friends, whether at university or at home!

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