Going Over the Edge in Texas

hotel elan with poolWith the hotel industry being so competitive, many hotels are looking to be bigger and better than their competitor. In the past, this was achieved by exceptional service, bigger and fancier rooms, and incentives. Skip forward to 2012, and you’ll notice hotels have a new way of getting your attention: extreme pools!

Hotel Elan in Texas is a great example of an in-house guest attraction. Their famous pool teeters over the edge of the building, offering guests an underwater view of the street it is on. The iconic pool hangs 8 feet over the edge of the building and over the street, with a transparent glass wall so you can see all of the action below!

Pools are a great way to enhance architecture, and grab the public’s attention. We’ve seen how easily pools can enhance our own spaces, and now hotels are getting in on the action.

Would you book one hotel over another based on its architectural innovation?

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