Hot Tub Foam

hot tub foamAsk any kid, and you will quickly discover the best bath time treat is a tub overflowing with sudsy bubbles. Sadly, this same phenomenon is very undesirable to the hot tub owner. If you are experiencing hot tub foam after your jets shut off, it is time to source and eliminate the build-up.

Hair Products Create Hot Tub Foam and Film

Hair products, in addition to shampoo and conditioner residue, are a leading cause of hot tub surface foam and film. In fact, certain gels and styling pomades can even create mild clogs. Unless your hair is rinsed out and clean, avoid dunking your head into a hot tub. If you frequently host guests, keeping a supply of no-snag hair elastics or headbands is a nice gesture.

Hot Tub Foam from Laundry Detergent Residue

Laundry detergent is the number one cause of hot tub foam, as it lingers in the tight weave of swimsuit fabrics. In order to avoid the dreaded laundry detergent foam, consider switching to an all-natural laundry soap for your swimwear. Another popular alternative: immediately rinse out your swimsuit and hang dry after each hot tub soak. Finally, ask your guests to kindly shower or rinse their gear before climbing into your hot tub.

Lotions and Oils Create Scum

Many body lotions or body oils are not fully absorbed by our skin. This residue is notorious for causing dirty or discoloured water, clogs and scum on your shell and even hot tub cover! Always ensure your body is rinsed clean before entering a hot tub, and remind guests to shower prior to entry. During winter months, keep a bottle of moisturizer on hand, and apply only after you have fully exited your hot tub. This will help curb skin dryness, while keeping the water clean and clear.

If you are still struggling with hot tub foam, check out this incredible video from SwimUniversity.

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