Best Pool Toys of 2012

The 2013 pool season is around the corner. You’re preparing by planning the opening of your pool, buying new pool accessories, and planning this year’s pool parties. But what about pool toys? Recently, a list of 2012’s most popular pool toys was released by . Check out the list to get some summer 2013 inspiration.

1. Best Pool Game:
Believe it or not, this one was for adults. The Port-O-Pong Pool Beer Pong Table made the list for hottest pool game of 2013.

Safety tip: Although we like the idea of enjoying fun games with friends, it’s never a good idea to consume alcohol while enjoying your pool.

classic pool lounge chairs2. Best Pool Lounge: A deluxe water lounge built for two made the top of this list. This doesn’t come as a surprise; we also think that pools are a relaxing addition to any backyard. Why not spend that time relaxing with your partner?

3. Best Pool Raft: The best raft was the cooler couch, which comes with storage for drinks and snacks.

Some other fun pool toys and accessories topped the list, including a water gun that squirts foam balls in addition to water, and a giant tube that comes with a cup holder. We think that in 2013 we can expect to see accessories and toys that allow the whole group to participate in pool related fun top the list.

What is your favourite pool accessory or toy from last year? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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