When The Backyard Spa Is Not Enough

extreme hot tubbing on a mountainSome people enjoy the relaxation of a family spa in the backyard. For most, hot tubs serve as a relaxing, tranquil space to escape the pressures of daily life. But for some, hot tubbing is not just about relieving tension and getting some personal rest. Certain individuals that find adrenaline-induced, extreme hot tubbing is the ultimate and only way to enjoy a spa.

Take the extreme hot tub enthusiasts from Jacuzzi.ch, a Swiss group dedicated to pushing the limits of enjoying a traditional spa. This group of self proclaimed Jacuzzi enthusiasts host various events around the world, with their customized portable hot tub always in tow. Throughout the years, as the group’s events have made front pages of newspapers, more and more people have enthusiastically joined the hot tub parties thrown by jacuzzi.ch.

One of their most recent adventures involved an activity that is not for those that are uncomfortable with heights. The group suspended a custom hot tub from a 600 foot high bridge in Switzerland. The group wore heavy duty helmets while their hot tub was firmly placed onto a wood dock that was suspended hundreds of feet in the air. Perhaps suspending their tub in a death-defying way was inspired by the group’s previous high-adrenaline hot tub event. In 2007, at 4807 m. above sea level, the Swiss spa enthusiasts set up their traveling tub on top of Mont-Blanc. The group of approximately 70 people climbed to the top of the mountain, and rewarded their hard work with a truly unforgettable hot tub experience.

This group loves combining adrenaline and relaxation into a once-in-a-lifetime spa experience. However, for those of us that are lacking that level of adrenaline, and are a bit uncomfortable with dangling hundreds of feet in the air, we can still be hot tub enthusiasts from the comforts of our own backyard!

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