Made-to-Order Hot Tub Covers

Each hot tub cover is custom-made to your hot tub’s measurements. We don’t keep covers in stock.

In the spring and summer months, made-to-order covers have a longer than normal lead time. While we do our best to ensure your order ships out promptly, there are times when unexpected delays occur. When this happens, our team sends out order updates. We encourage you to please check your “spam” folder from time to time, to ensure you don’t miss a communication from our team!!

If you want to check in with us to receive an order update, please feel free to call 1.877.544.COVER (2683)

Attention Hot Tub Covers Canada Shoppers 

As summer winds down, the demand for replacement hot tub covers dramatically increases. As such, our 10-Day Rush Production is currently available for SOME of Ontario and Western Canada.

The 10-Day Rush Production is currently NOT available to delivery addresses in Quebec or Eastern Canada.

We apologize for the inconvenience. For more information, please visit our website or call 877-544-2683 for details.

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