Hot Tubs Help Fight Sleep Disorders

sleep disordersSleep disorders are on the rise, and with it comes unsettling changes in attitude and performance.  From overall grogginess to mood swings, slower mental acuity, lapses in memory, frayed nerves and depression, a lack of sleep affects not only an individual but their family, friends and peers.

Surveys completed in recent years illustrate the desire to reach for over-the-counter or prescription sleeping aids is no longer preferred.  Instead, many suffering from mild sleep disorders to full blown insomnia are turning to hot water immersion.

For years, parents of young children were advised a “warm bath before bed” helped little ones get a good night sleep.  In fact, a warm bath is considered the popular remedy for many ailments around the world.

In recent years, sleep disorder studies have indicated immersion in a hot tub or spa (set with a constant temperature) can ease the body into the transition for a natural, deep sleep.  Researchers believe several things are occurring.

1. After soaking in a temperature constant body of hot water, your core temperature rises dramatically.  Once you exit the hot tub, your internal thermostat registers a signal of the temperature decrease, triggering the brain into thinking it is time to sleep.

2. Sleep improvement may be related to water’s natural relaxation properties.  The buoyancy of water creates a feeling of weightlessness, and reduces the strain on your muscles and joints.  By settling into a hot tub, your body naturally assumes a relaxed physical and mental state and benefits from heat therapy.

3. Findings indicate warm or hot water immersion has a significant, positive effect on the autonomic nervous system.  The effect is enhancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic components of our body, which is why many of us have a “ohhh” or “ahhh” feeling on hot tub entry.

Researchers indicate results are typically seen in 7-10 days from commencing a new bedtime routine.  If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, why not investigate hot water immersion therapy.  While it may not work for everyone, countless hot tub owners swear by this sleep inducing method.  With any luck, you too may discover the gift of sleep is only a soak away!



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