Hot Tubs and Real Estate

Do hot tubs help a house sell? Ask any real estate agent and he or she will likely tell you that it depends on several different factors. If you are currently selling or thinking of listing your home for sale, consider the following.

First, who is your buyer? If you live in an expensive neighbourhood, buyers looking in your area are likely to desire “luxury” amenities such as a hot tub. If you live in a neighbourhood where hot tubs aren’t common, it’s possible that yours could give you an advantage over competition that is similar in other ways (location; price; proximity to shopping, transit and schools; size of house and lot). However, if the buyers who are looking to buy in your area are simply looking for the basics, the idea of having to pay to maintain a hot tub may be a deal breaker.

Second, what are you selling? This ties into who your buyer is. If you are selling a luxury home or a fancy ski chalet, a hot tub may be desired or even expected. If you are selling a townhouse in an area where there are no hot tubs, consider carefully whether having one will give you an advantage or scare off potential buyers. Are you in an up-and-coming neighbourhood? Or is it full of families who have to struggle a bit more?

Third, have you maintained it well while it has been yours? If you are selling a place with a hot tub that hasn’t been maintained, it will likely drag down your property value. Who would want to buy a place with a hot tub that needs major maintenance, or worse, a full replacement? A buyer might even ask for a reduced price if it’s going to actually cost him or her more money, or is an eyesore on the property!

There are many considerations when it comes to real estate and hot tubs, but if you do the proper maintenance on yours and keep it looking its best, hopefully a hot tub or spa will help and not hinder your efforts to sell.

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