Replacement Hot Tub Covers are in Demand

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Across Canada, the shift from fall to winter has begun.  Tire centres are busy swapping all-season tires for robust winter tires.  Landscaping companies are working overtime to tend flowerbeds, rake leaves, and lay fertilizer.  Homeowners are tidying up garages, to ensure ample space to store vehicles indoors overnight.

hot tub covers canada replacementWhile most outdoor swimming pools are closed and covered for the season, hot tub owners are in a unique position.  They can opt to maintain their hot tub or spa over the winter month, or close it.  Whatever the decision, it is essential to ensure a hot tub cover is fully functional and in good repair before the snow flies.

Not sure what parts of your cover should be inspected?  Here is a handy checklist Hot Tub Covers Canada created for its customers.





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