Testimonial Tuesday – Not All Hot Tub Accessories Are Created Equal

hot tub covers canada reviewsThis week, we share a review from Hot Tub Covers Canada client Jeff Buchanan. Here’s what Jeff had to say about our products and service:

Not all things are created equal…and your hot tub cover is no exception. My new cover is incredible!! 3 x the value for half the cost. I couldn’t be happier. Fits like a glove, fast delivery and a price you can’t beat.

Now the salt water converter is by far the best money I ever spent. For the cost of a months worth of ‘Mineral Lux’ I now have clean, soft, clear water with zero upkeep. For me it was 10 cups of pool salt in a fresh fill and clean filter. Adjusted my pH because my water is a bit hard to start with. After that, it truly is no maintenance. Check your levels each week and enjoy your tub!!!

Jeff Buchanan, Angus, Ontario
Ordered SmarterSpa DO (Drape-over) Hot Tub Saltwater System and Hot Tub Cover

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