Japanese Island Set To Open Hot Tub Theme Park

Nov 29, 16 • Hot Tubs, In the newsNo CommentsRead More »

This week in (bizarre) hot tub news… 

The city of Beppu, located on the Japanese island of Kyushu, is set to open a hot tub theme park. Yes, you read that correctly – a hot tub theme park!

In a prospective video, shared via social media and tagged as the “Spamusement Park Project”, viewers were taken on trip through the potential rides. News of the campaign spread quickly, with views reaching upwards of 2 million in just several days.

It appears what may have seemed “hooky” to some viewers is going to turn into reality. The Mayor of Beppu has already responded publicly, thanking the public for its interest. He also indicated the city plans to proceed with the onsen amusement park, with announcements to follow in the near future – after details and consultations have been finalized.




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