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  • Ultralift Hydraulic Cover Lifter

    Feb 13, 19 • Cover Care, Hot TubsNo Comments
    Ultralift Hydraulic Cover Lifter

    The Ultralift Hydraulic Cover Lifter is an easy to use product that makes removing your spa cover an effortless task. The corrosion resistant gas springs make it simple for you to remove the lid and enjoy a relaxing spa experience. Here’s how it works. Available now at Hot Tub Covers Canada. Learn more at

  • The Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

    Jun 8, 17 • Hot Tub EducationNo Comments
    The Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

    A Hot Tub Covers Canada client recently shared an interview with a sports medicine doctor on the benefits of using a hot tub cover lifter. We promise it is a very quick read and could be beneficial for anyone who may be using their hot tub for therapeutic reasons. “I would highly advise my patients
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  • Hot Tub Cover Lifter

    Aug 10, 15 • Hot Tub AccessoriesNo Comments
    Hot Tub Cover Lifter

    You spent a lot of money on a quality hot tub cover.  So why should you invest more money by installing a hot tub cover lifter? Depending on the size of your hot tub or spa, the removal and replacement of the hot tub cover can be daunting.  A hot tub cover lifter is designed
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