Hot Tub Health Benefits

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seniors hot tub health benefitsWhat if I told you that something fun and relaxing could actually be good for you? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, such a thing does exist. Hot tubs have proven health benefits. While you’re relaxing in your hot tub, you are also improving your health.

Hot tubs hold three important health benefits: Heat, buoyancy and massage. Each improves your health in some way. Here are three areas of your health that hot tubs can improve:

Stress and Sleeping

We’ve talked about the benefits of hot tubs on stress before. The soothing, warm water and relaxation that comes with sitting in a hot tub dramatically reduces your stress levels. By decreasing stress, you could add years to your life.

If you’ve ever been stressed, you’ve probably experienced sleep deprivation. The heat from the hot tub can make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. Heat makes us feel relaxed and calm. When you’re relaxed and calm, sleep comes much easier.

Muscles and joint pain

The jets in your hot tub massage your muscles and therefore reduce pain. After a sporting event, or a lot of physical activity, your muscles feel tight and stiff. This makes movement very difficult. Your hot tub relaxes your muscles, reduces tension and decreases pain. You can then get back to functioning normally, without pain.

Being in a hot tub reduces your weight by 90 per cent. This buoyancy takes stress off of your joints. Hot tubs can therefore ease joint pain from physical activity, arthritis and other injuries.


The massage that comes from hot tub jets not only reduces muscle pain, but it also improves circulation. Combined with the heat, this massage eases blood flow within your body. It also improves nerve impulses and helps your circulation system function properly.

Hot tubs provide a variety of health benefits. From stress to body pain and functioning, your hot tub can have a dramatic impact on your health. It’s not just a luxury any more, it’s part of a healthy lifestyle.

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