No Ugly Adverts on Hot Tub Covers Canada Spa Covers

The team at Hot Tub Covers Canada is often asked:

Do you put ugly advertising or a corporate logo on your hot tub covers?

The quick answer is NO!

Our company does not believe your hot tub or spa cover should be an advertising space. While some other companies’ hot tub cover replacements come equipped with a large and unappealing logo, Hot Tub Covers Canada believes in keeping it simple: a cover should match the calming ambiance of your family’s spa. Ugly advertising is an unexpected nuisance to customers. At Hot Tub Covers Canada, we believe that unpleasant advertising does not belong on a custom-made hot tub cover.

Ordering from Hot Tub Covers Canada means that you will receive a quality hot tub cover that will complement your spa’s calming atmosphere, rather than disturb it. Learn more by visiting

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