Water Safety

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Water SafetyWarmer weather brings reminders about water safety. Keep your family, friends, children and pets safe by adhering to these three basic pool and hot tub safety tips.

The number one water safety tip involves children. Never, ever leave a child or children in or near a hot tub or pool without supervision. Infants and toddlers should have an adult within “arms reach”. Experienced young swimmers can easily tire. Again, supervision is key. Inflatable water toys or life jackets are not a substitute for active adult supervision.

Sadly, accidental drowning is a common factor at family events or parties. Typically it occurs when one adult assumes another is watching the kids. When it comes to water safety, ensure the set of eyes monitoring a child or children is clear and aware of the responsibility.

No Running!
Turns out Mom and Dad know best, and the days of hearing “no running!” still apply. Regardless of the position of a pool or hot tub, everyone should be aware of the “walk, don’t run” rule. Wood decking is known for being slippery when wet, and it is easy to slip, fall and be knocked unconscious.

Rescue Equipment
Swimming pool owners should ensure their yard is equipped with a rescue ring or rope tow bag. Another important water safety item is a long pole with lifesaving shepherd’s crook. In a rescue situation, these items are indispensable and should be easily accessible. Storing them inside a shed or garage instead of pool side could be the difference between life and death. Pool and hot tub owners are also advised to keep a well-stocked First Aid kit on hand.

House Rules
Your swimming pool or hot tub can provide countless fun experiences and health benefits. Just remember to put safety first, and remind visitors of your house rules and general safety tips. The Pool Council of Canada can supply a styrene sign, or you can create your own with the great examples. Learn more at http://www.poolcouncil.ca/safety.php

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