Hot Tubs Save Lives!

How many people can claim that their hot tub saved their lives?

You wouldn’t think very many but one man has declared exactly that. You might wonder how. Did his hot tub give him CPR? Perform the Heimlich maneuver? Cure him from some wasting disease? None of the above. It did however give him a new life.

This man, let’s call him Bob, was what most people would call fat. Throughout his life he had always had problems with his weight. Then one day he and his wife decided to purchase a hot tub, but Bob found himself getting more and more self conscious about his weight. Suddenly enough was enough. He was sick of all the jokes. Sick of being asked if he was pregnant, of even his daughter wanting to jump on ‘daddy’s fat belly’.

He went out and joined a gym, started exercising and eating better. When the weather warmed up he started running. At first he could barely run one mile and it took him 18 minutes to do so. As time went on he improved though, and by the time autumn came around he was running up to 17 miles.

Not only was the hot tub the impetus for Bob to get in shape, it also played a big part in his exercise routine. After a hard workout, a good soak in the tub made a noticeable difference in his recovery time.

So even though his hot tub didn’t pull him out of a burning building, he maintains that without it, he’d never have gotten that kick of motivation that made him want to get in shape. Minus 40 pounds later, Bob truly believes that his hot tub saved his life.

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