Solar Blankets for Swimming Pools

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Sun Covers Canada is a sister company to Hot Tub Covers Canada. Committed to manufacturing Canadian-made products, Sun Covers Canada offers solar blankets for above-ground and in-ground swimming pools.

Sun Covers Canada

With a variety of product offerings to suit every budget, customers can select from the traditional Silver 3 Year Pool Cover, the popular almost-clear Gold Cover, or the consumer-choice Sunmaxx in a rich navy blue.

To learn more about the specs for each of the Sun Covers Canada models, please visit the website at

Want an insulating blanket for your hot tub or spa?

Hot Tub Covers Canada offers two unique products for hot tub and spa owners who are looking for added heat-retention.

hot tub covers canada thermal foamThe Thermal Foam floats on the surface of the water to help reduce heat loss and extend the life of your hot tub cover. It also helps to reduce the evaporation rate of chemicals, which saves you money. The blanket can be easily but to size to suit your hot tub, and it durable, lightweight and long-lasting. It is made of closed-cell foam, and won’t bunch up like bubble blankets are prone to doing.

Whereas the Floating Spa Blanket is the product closest to a solar blanket. Designed as a floating “bubble blanket”, the Floating Spa Blanket helps to reduce heat loss and evaporation, which saves you money in the long term. It can help to extend the lifespan of your hot tub cover. It can also reduce chemical evaporation. It is simple to cut the blanket to customize it to the exact shape of your hot tub for a perfect fit.


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