• Hot Tub Covers Proudly Made in Canada

    Hot Tub Covers Proudly Made in Canada

    At Hot Tub Covers Canada, our singular goal is to provide you with a top quality, durable Canadian-made replacement hot tub cover. All hot tub covers we sell are built to withstand the rigors of the harsh Canadian climate. Not every cover you find on the Internet will last in our weather. Budgeting?  Trying to
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  • Beat The Hump Day Blues

    Oct 23, 19 • Health, Hot TubsNo Comments
    Beat The Hump Day Blues

    Anyone else struggling with the dark morning, chilly evenings and rainy days? While fall is certainly rich with colour during the daytime hours, many of us are stuck inside buildings and miss out on the splendour. If this sounds familiar, we have a Wellness Wednesday tip from one of the Hot Tub Covers Canada team
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  • Hot Tub Family Time

    Oct 16, 19 • Entertaining, Hot TubsNo Comments
    Hot Tub Family Time

    Anyone else catch up with their loved ones in the hot tub? We know that kids love to play in the warm water, especially during the fall months. Which makes your hot tub the perfect place to chat about what’s happening at school and with life in general. #disconnecttoreconnect #familytime #hottubfamilytime...

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Oct 11, 19 • General InterestNo Comments
    Happy Thanksgiving

    From the Hot Tub Covers Canada family to your family, let us celebrate the bounty of the autumn harvest. Cheers to all that we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend 🦃🥧🥂 #thanksgiving #happythanksgiving #thanksgiving2019 #longweekend #autumn #fallharvest #turkeyday #familytime...

  • Thermal Foam Blanket for Hot Tubs

    Oct 9, 19 • Solar Blankets, WaterNo Comments
    Thermal Foam Blanket for Hot Tubs

    With the cooler nights here to stay, now is the time to invest in a Thermal Foam Blanket. What Is A Thermal Foam Blanket? Designed to float on the surface of the water, this handy accessory helps reduce heat loss and extend the life of your hot tub cover. It also helps to reduce the
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  • What are gazebo handles?

    What are gazebo handles?

    The team at Hot Tub Covers Canada is often asked to clarify what exactly a “gazebo handle” is and why they are necessary on a hot tub cover. Truth be told, “Gazebo Handle” is another term for the handles located inside the fold. They are added to hot tub covers to make removing and installing
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  • Mega Rush Delivery of a Hot Tub Cover

    Mega Rush Delivery of a Hot Tub Cover

    Oftentimes hot tub and spa owners need a replacement cover… yesterday. If you find yourself in that predicament, take advantage of our MEGA Rush Production service 🚚 With MEGA Rush, your cover will ship within 5 business days of placing your order, plus delivery time to your province from Ontario (approx 1-3 days). Look for all
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  • Advancements in Hot Tubs

    Sep 1, 19 • Hot TubsNo Comments
    Advancements in Hot Tubs

    Hot tubs certainly have changed over the years. We’re just surprised the author didn’t try the saltwater chlorinator option – it’s much easier on the eyes, skin… and nose! Originally Posted on the Chronicle Herald  Hot tubs have come a long way in the last 15 years I officially broke down and bought a hot
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  • Beppu Rakutenchi – The Spa-musement Park

    Aug 9, 19 • Hot Tubs, In the news, TravelNo Comments
    Beppu Rakutenchi – The Spa-musement Park

    We often hear about kickstarters and other odd campaigns to raise money for unusual items – like a KFC hot tub. So what happens when all the hullbaloo dies down? In the case of spa-musement park that opened in 2017… you keep serving the masses! Beppu Rakutenchi Beppu City, already renowned for it’s famous hot springs,
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  • A Cold Beer and a Hot Tub

    Aug 9, 19 • In the newsNo Comments
    A Cold Beer and a Hot Tub

    In The News Mary Byman, 84, went missing while berry picking with a friend last Wednesday in the woods in southern Manitoba. Volunteers scoured the region and Mary was finally found. According to the news reports, she was cold, wet and barefoot. Yet she will still smiling, even while huddled under a tree. Crystal Leigh,
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