Have you visited one of the best hot tubs on earth?

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Aqua Dome Spa in AustriaIt might be hard to imagine anything more perfect than your backyard hot tub. Or, at least until you see the latest compilation of the world’s most spectacular hot tubs.

The list, assembled by the Daily Mail’s MailOnline Travel team, might very well have you looking up the cost of plane tickets and hotel rooms.

There is the unreal Aqua Dome Spa in Austria – which quite frankly looks like it was imagineered to be in movies. It boasts massive thermal pools, swimming basins and hot tubs with the Otztal mountains as the background. Then there are the more quaint options in Africa – whereby your hotel suite features a hot tub with a front row view to national parks and animal preserves. And not to be left out is the Velassaru Maldives Resort – which offers contemporary bungalows and villas nestled on the shorelines or right on top of the water. To top it off, Velassaru features hot tubs and pools that overlook the tranquil ocean waters. Luxury at its finest!

Whether you want to soak quietly in your own private hot tub overlooking a savannah or want to share in a community spa getting to know others from around the globe  – there is no shortage of adventures waiting to be had by water sport lovers.

All photos appear courtesy of the showcased hotels and resorts. 


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