World’s Biggest Mobile Winter Hot Tub

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snowman mobile hot tub truckHow would you deal with the mid-winter blues?  With a hot tub, of course.

How would the City of Waterbury (Connecticut) deal with the mid-winter blues?  With a hot tub, of course.

A big hot tub.

A big, mobile hot tub.

The City equipped a giant dump truck with a 2000 gallon hot tub, heated by an on-board furnace.  But don’t think you`ll be enjoying the relaxing feeling of soaking in the world`s biggest hot tub just by moving to Waterbury; this tub isn’t for human consumption.  In fact, this tub is more likely to consume snowmen than real people.

Dubbed the “Snow Dragon”, this truck was designed to help Waterbury cope with the tremendous amount of snow that falls every year in the town.  First, snow is thrown into the truck, then dumped into the hot water.  The snow melts, and runs out of the truck and down the sewer.

“We literally run out of places to put all of the snow that we’ve removed – particularly from the downtown area,” Joe Bosco, with the City’s Department of Public Works, told WFSB News.  Although it costs $350 per hour to operate, the cost is worth it so that the City can continue to function after snow storms such as the ones that came at the beginning of February.  The alternative would be…

Snowmen beware!

Artwork thanks to Chasing Distractions

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