Bears Pester Daycare, Eat Hot Tub Covers

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bears eating hot tub covers canadaThis week in hot tub cover news, the CBC has reported on a story about black bears and their troublesome behaviour in New Sudbury. It appears the bears are frolicking during the day, right in the heart of the community. Their antics, which include climbing trees, using the play structure and slide, and damaging of property, as the daycare provider very worried. Quite frequently, Dianne Morelli is having to round up the children in her care and rush them inside.

“Two years now that [the bears] have pushed down our fence, our neighbour’s fence,” Morelli said, “they ate our hot tub cover twice now. They completely destroyed our neighbour across the street’s hot tub cover. They had to get new ones as well. So it’s like thousands of dollars of damage in the last couple of years.”

To view Morelli’s video, visit

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