Rodents Attracted to Hot Tubs

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Image Credit: Mouseland at MouseHouses.

Image Credit: Mouseland at MouseHouses

At Hot Tub Covers Canada, we love hearing from our customers.  A recent question via our Facebook page prompted this post, in the hope it may aid others struggling with unwanted rodents.

Question: How do I stop mice from burrowing into/under my hot tub?

Mice, chipmunks and other rodents love the warmth and protection of a hot tub.  The insulated environment is the perfect spot to retreat from winter or build a nest.

While manufacturers claim hot tubs and spas with a continuous bottom will deter mice, chipmunks and squirrels, there is no guarantee.  If you are trying to cope with backyard rodents, here are a couple suggestions.

1. If you feed birds or other pets near your hot tub, relocate their feeder or bowls.  Rodents are attracted to the scent, and will return continuously.

2. Explore the base of your hot tub or spa cabinet.  Mice are notorious for squeezing through gaps less than 1/4″ thick!  Another popular entry point is where the electrical line meets the access panel.  Seal up all possible gaps or holes with steel wool, and consider using an expandable foam or caulking to improve the blockade.

3. In the spring and summer months, consider growing mint around the edge of your hot tub or in planters.  Studies have shown the smell of mint can act as a deterrent to rodents.  During the winter months, hot tub owners may wish to spray the base of their cabinet with mint essential oil.

Have you dealt with rodents around your hot tub?  Please share you experiences, tips and suggestions with our readers.  Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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