What to do with your old hot tub

destroyed hot tub made in chinaLike all good things, hot tubs don’t last forever. Although it seems like just yesterday that you installed your new hot tub, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the years have taken their toll and it’s time to take your old hot tub out to greener pastures. Maybe you’ve already replaced it, and found a new one (it’s ok, your old one will understand). Now you need to decide what to do with your old hot tub. Well, you have a few options:

Remove the hot tub cover:

The obvious choice it to get rid of it; quick and painless without the long and awkward goodbyes. Many companies like 1-800-Got-Junk will come to your home, pick up the hot tub and take it from there. No fuss, no muss.

Of course, you can always take the hot tub to the landfill yourself, but that may require the use of a friend’s truck. Not to mention, these companies often find other uses for equipment like this, meaning less environmental impact.

Recycle the hot tub cover:

If you aren’t ready for your old friend to take permanent residence in the landfill, you can always find other uses for it. For those handy people, you can turn it into a water feature for your backyard. Just imagine the calming sound of flowing water while relaxing in your new hot tub.

Sell your hot tub cover:

There is still a chance that someone else could get just as much enjoyment out of this hot tub as you did. Find a local hot tub retailer and trade it in. You can even use the extra cash towards your new hot tub or other backyard renovations. Maybe one of your friends is in need of a new hot tub. Pass on the joy to them!

When a new hot tub comes into your life, there are many ways that you can say goodbye to your old one. No matter what you decide, take comfort in knowing there are plenty of options for passing the legacy of your hot tub on.

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