First Frosty Morning in the Hot Tub

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View from the hot tub on December 28, 2015

Across Canada, hot tub owners have been longing for those chilly nights and fresh mornings.  So imagine the delight of families across Ontario, who woke up this morning to light flurries, icy trees, and other signs of old man winter.  Sure, it’s not a true snowfall, but at least you could see steam rising off the hot tub during a morning soak!

In all honesty, there is something magical about the winter months; soothing the body in the heat of the hot tub water coupled with breathing in the cool, fresh air.  If you ask kids, many will tell you they love to soak during light flurries – “they sparkle” said a Hot Tub Covers Canada employee’s 7 year old daughter.

Clearly, there is great beauty in winter.  At least when you are spending time in a hot tub, and not in the midst of a commute.  From all of us here at Hot Tub Covers Canada, we hope you are having a wonderful, family-filled holiday season.



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