Spa Cover Cap

A spa cover cap is a great investment if your hot tub cover sits in an area prone to harsh elements, regular debris, even tree sap. It can also be handy for hot tub customer who put their tubs into a dormant status for the winter and who want to protect their hot tub cover from direct rain, snow or ice.

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Customer Testimonal

I am so happy with this ‘shower cap’ as I call it, to cover our Hot Tub Cover and keep all the leaves, debris from the trees, UV rays, etc from staining our Hot Tub Cover.
I am sure it will be great in the winter, when the snow should be easier to remove.
Hot Tub Canada were so helpful to me when I called to double check on the measurements, etc., before placing my order.
When my Hot Tub Cover needs replacing, I will definitely be calling these guys. Thanks so much !!!

J. McCarthy, Barss Corner, Nova Scotia

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