Hot Tub Trends

Across Canada, spring’s arrival marks the beginning of home improvement, gardening and outdoor living shows. Every year, these events showcase the latest hot tub trends and features, designed to entice new and existing owners to enhance their backyard.

In 2014, hot tub trends are being influenced by the natural beauty of our environment and technological advances. In this installment of the Under Cover Press, the Hot Tub Covers Canada team explores the biggest innovations headed to yards across our Northern landscape.

hot tub trendsBluetooth® Audio and Temperature Controls
Once considered a lifestyle option, many spa manufacturers are now including Bluetooth® temperature controls and audio capabilities as a standard feature. Imagine the convenience of adjusting your hot tub temperature while on the way home from work, or immersing yourself in music and hydrotherapy after a long day at the office.

LED Lighting
Famous for its minimal energy consumption, dramatic colour options and long life span, LED bulbs are the new standard in hot tub lighting. Used inside a hot tub, LED lighting can enhance the mood or help aid relaxation. Outside a hot tub, LED lighting is being used to provide safe passage on entrance and exit steps.

Wireless Televisions
With the advent of wireless televisions, you can watch your favorite shows and enjoy at hot soak at the same time. Hot tub owners can install a wireless, waterproof, temperature resistant LCD television to their cabinet. A pivot is included with most models, offering optimal viewing from any angle.

Saltwater Systems
Saltwater systems remain a popular hot tub trend, as consumers look for eco-friendly alternatives to heavy chemicals. Modern saltwater systems can reduce maintenance on a hot tub, and significantly decrease chemical usage. Hot Tub Covers Canada has been offering the ChlorMaker and TechniChlor models, with great success and feedback from our customers.

hot tub trendsNatural Landscape Cabinets
Hot tub cabinets are receiving a major overhaul. Gone are the days of faux wood panels. Instead, hot tub manufacturers are taking inspiration from nature. From synthetic panels mirroring a layered stone or slate detail, to custom built stone cabinets to match your landscape, the modern hot tub is being designed with landscaping integration in mind.

Whether you want to invest in a new hot tub or are looking to upgrade your existing model, spa manufacturers are working hard to provide consumers with energy-efficient, design rich solutions. Be sure to explore the wealth of innovations and hot tub trends, all guaranteed to ensure your hot tub gets even hotter.

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