Hot Tub Tech

Have a hot tub? There’s an app for that.

Just when you thought that the sheer number of iPhone apps and all their various functions were starting to get out of hand, along comes an app that allows you to remotely control your hot tub!

The only caveat is that you need the EcoPack control system set up on your hot tub first, which isn’t exactly cheap, but once you’ve passed that hurdle you’ll be all ready for the next step, which is to download the onSpa app. Boasting a full graphical interface, you’ll have the ability to control the water temperature, jet pressure, bubbles, etc., all with a touch of your fingers. No more moving from your comfortable spot to fiddle with controls, your iPhone is now a hot tub remote!

Of course one has to wonder if wet, slippery fingers playing around with your iPhone while you’re submerged in water and steam is really a good idea. Your brand new app probably won’t function too well if your iPhone is sitting at the bottom of your hot tub. Maybe they should throw in a waterproof cover along with this app? Here’s a video for you to consider if you’re still on the fence.

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