She Parked in Their Hot Tub

Residents of a Prescott Valley (Arizona) home must have been more than a little shocked to discover that the hot tub they purchased turned out to be a parking space.  But don’t blame the manufacturer; it was Atrina Sprague, possibly drunk behind the wheel, that converted the hot tub into a parking spot.

After driving into the hot tub, Sprague had tried to back out, but it appears her car was stuck.  She was trying to make a splash-and-run getaway.  The local police department arrested Sprague on suspicion of driving under the influence, reckless driving, endangerment and criminal damage.

We wish somebody had caught this on video tape – or at least taken some snapshots of the car in the hot tub.  As it is all we can share with you is this lovely likeness of Atrina Sprague:

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