Hot Tub Accessories: The Shelf

If you spend a lot of time soaking in your hot tub, you quickly discover a need for accessories.  The team at Hot Tub Covers Canada fields plenty of emails and phone calls regarding spa caddies, hot tub bars, or simply put: a hot tub shelf.

It turns out many hot tub aficionados want a place to put down their drinks, smartphones or tablets.  Others are looking for unique ways to engage family members (game of cards, anyone?) while enjoying the therapeutic properties of water.

At Hot Tub Covers Canada, we sell two shelf models: the Spa Caddy and the Smart Bar.

Spa Caddy at Hot Tub Covers CanadaThe Spa Caddy offers a smaller footprint for drinks, snacks, electronic devices, games, and more.  Designed with a centre pivot, the Spa Caddy swings effortlessly over the hot tub water.  Manufactured from weather resistant pearled grey plastic, the stainless-steel upright post offers great support for those who want put down their towels.  The Spa Caddy is designed to quickly mount on the exterior of your hot tub cabinet.


Smart Bar Smart Drawer Hot Tub Covers Canada

Need more space or storage?  The popular Smart Bar is 39″ long and 14″ wide, and includes a large drawer.  This model also mounts on the exterior of your hot tub cabinet, and can be used temporarily or permanently.  The Smart Bar also boasts a non-slip surface, which is handy when hot tubbing with little ones!

Still struggling to determine what model is best for your hot tub or spa?  Contact us today, and let us take the stress out of picking the perfect hot tub accessory!


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