Gift Giving Ideas

Stumped with gift giving ideas for a hot tub owner?  In December, we shared a few stocking stuffer items.  Several commenters suggested expanding the list, with ideas to cover hostess gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and more.  As such, the Hot Tub Covers Canada team is delighted to share some of our favorite gifts received.

gift giving ideas hooded bathrobeFull Length Hooded Bath Robes
In the dead of winter, few hot tub owners enjoy trekking to and from the house with a ¾ sleeve or short length bath robe.  If you are looking to indulge a family member, consider investing in a high quality, full length hooded bath robe.

Luxurious Bath Towels
Some hot tub owners may prefer bath towels to bath robes.  If this is the case, consider wrapping your family or friends in a luxurious, fluffy and absorbent bath towel.


Towel Rack or Towel Tree
The perfect gift for both hot tub and pool owners, a towel rack or towel tree can help keep towels dry all year round.  With plenty of commercial options available for purchase, there is a make and model to fit every budget.  This item is also great for the handy gift-giver, as many towel trees can be handcrafted from wood.

Spa Cover Lifter
Many first time hot tub purchasers opt out of buying a cover lifter.  After all, it seems a frivolous add-on when there are other factors to consider.  With a variety of models and prices to suit every budget, a cover lifter might be the perfect present for a “hard to buy for” family member.

Gift Giving Ideas Patio HeaterPatio Heater
From the old standby in stainless steel to contemporary chic, patio warmers can be a delightful year-round addition.  Check out local hardware stores or online catalogs to find the right shape, style and heat output for your lucky recipient.

Aromatherapy Crystals
With hot tub owners seeking the benefits of a daily soak, aromatherapy crystals have become all the rage.  Designed specifically for hot rub use, these crystals can sooth joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia, congestion, headaches, and overall fatigue.  With light to strong scents, each crystal formulation is designed to relax, uplift or boost energy levels.

Everyone at Hot Tub Covers Canada hopes this list of gift giving ideas sparked inspiration.  After all, there is nothing more enjoyable than unwrapping a little aromatherapy, luxury, or added warmth!

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