Mud Bath Benefits

Bathing doesn’t always have to be done in water.

Bathing in hot mud is almost as old a tradition as bathing in hot water. In fact mud baths have existed for thousands of years and can now be found in many high end spas worldwide.

There are plenty of benefits of mud, one of the most common is its anti-inflammatory properties. Mud baths are known to bring relief from joint pain such as that caused by arthritis. Another benefit is its soothing effects on the skin.

Sufferers of some skin problems like psoriasis and rosacea can find relief from these conditions by bathing in mud.

If you’re squeamish about getting into a tub of mud, fear not, the mud isn’t just regular dirt from your backyard garden. The mud in mud baths is usually a combination of volcanic ash, peat, and naturally heated mineral water. Famous areas for mud baths in North America are in California, where there is easy access to volcanic ash.

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