Hot Tub Covers Canada, Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion & Sun Covers Canada

hot tub covers canadaDid you know Hot Tub Covers Canada, Saltwater Hot Tub Conversion and Sun Covers Canada are all sister companies?

Based out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada – all three companies offer high quality products to ensure hot tub, spa and swimming pool owners have the best in leisure accessories at their fingertips.

From replacement hot tub covers, to spa caps, solar blankets, saltwater hot tub conversion kits, replacement cells for Hot Springs hot tubs, hot tub cover lifters, spa vacuums, safety steps, rails, the list of products we carry goes on.

Don’t see what you need on one of our sites? Please do not hesitate to email or call us by phone at 1.877.544.COVER (2683). We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns.



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